Cultured Marble Showers

A cultured marble shower pan is the perfect complement to a marble bathtub, and our marble shower pans are literally the base of the complete marble bathroom environment.

Every cultured marble shower pan we produce features a textured surface that is sloped toward the drain, and our shower pans are easy to clean and maintain. We strive to reduce or eliminate seams when possible, and all cultured marble products we produce are durable and made to last.

We have a large selection of cultured marble pan sizes that will accommodate most standard or custom installations.

32" X 60" Shower
23X60 Shower
36" X 36" Shower
36X36 Shower
36" X 42" Shower
36x42 Shower
36" X 48" Shower
36 x 48
42" Neo Angle Shower
42 Neo Angle Shower

Benefits of Cultured Marble Showers

  • Resistant to chipping
  • Beautiful unique colors
  • Custom sizes
  • Reduce possiblity of leaks
  • Reduce seams
  • Reduce mildew growth areas